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THIS is the only Arizona-based online program authorized by the Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona.  This program is available for you by ARIZONA PRIORITY EDUCATION & COUNSELING (AzPEC).

  • AzPEC presents this 4-hour class as mandated in Arizona for parents, with minor children, involved in a Family Court case.
  • This VIDEO ON DEMAND ONLINE COURSE will complete the requirements of the Arizona Family Court for a 4-hour program with certification of completion.
  • AzPEC has a 20 year history, in Arizona, of presenting Parent Information Program classes to parents in Arizona.  You will observe an actual classroom presentation with questions from participants and answers from the presenter.  You have the option to download the Power Point presentation in advance or during the class.
  • At your convenience, you may log in/log out at any time with your electronic device.  WE OFFER 24/7 TECHNICAL HELP AND HOTLINE.
N O   T E S T   R E Q U I R E D

Electronic Filing (e-Filing) for certificates of completion began on January 1, 2016.  Rather than receiving a hard copy of your certificate, your certificate will be e-filed.  Your certificate number will be your family court case number. We will efile your certificate on the next business day. To read more about eFiling, please click here to see the FAQ.

Thank you for experiencing this program with Arizona Priority Education & Counseling.  Enjoy!

Please note that the charge on your credit card bill will come through from BizVision Online Education.

Course Materials

  • Circle of Abuse PDF
  • Cycle of Violence PDF
  • Planning for Parenting Time
  • Planning for Parenting Time - Contents
  • Planning for Parenting Time - Using this Guide
  • Court Process Flow Chart