e-Filing FAQ

What is e-Filing?

  • Electronic filing (also known as "efile" or “e-filing”) involves the submission of digital documents via the Internet.  This is different from traditional filing, which involves the filing of physical paper documents.  In the case of the Parent Information Program, rather than a hard copy, your certificate of completion will be e-Filed with the the court in Maricopa County.
What if my court case is outside of Maricopa County?
  • If your court case is outside of Maricopa County, you will want to print out your certificate and deliver it to the appropriate court.  You will have the option to print out your certificate after completing the course.
How is my certificate of completion e-Filed?
  • After you complete the course evaluation and enter in the code letters, your certifiacate will be e-filed automatically. We will efile your certificate on the next business day.